Hand it to Obama – he has a knack for the perfect response.

Asked about his relationship to the controversial voter-registration group ACORN, the candidate spelled out what he did for the group and when he did it. He said his work for ACORN more than a decade ago was to help implement the motor-voter law in Illinois. And his partner in that endeavor was the U.S. Justice Department.

He said ACORN did not advise his campaign, and explained how voter-registration organizations sometimes are burned by the people they hire. He also noted the considerable difference between registering and voting.

As in previous controversies that threatened to undermine him, Obama’s response appears reasonable and candid. Innuendo doesn’t stand a chance against it.


One response to “Pitch-perfect

  1. He even got the pitch perfect dig in there: “…I believe it says more about your campaign, John, than it does about me.” He must have been waiting to use that one, hea, hea.

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