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Lest we forget

Let’s not forget on whose watch the economy tanked: George W. Bush.


Palin’s pals

If any doubt remains that Gov. Palin is “Bush in drag,” see this L.A. Times piece. It’s the same philosophy of patronage that brought us  “Heck of a Job” Brownie and the disgrace that was the federal Katrina response.


Hand it to Obama – he has a knack for the perfect response.

Asked about his relationship to the controversial voter-registration group ACORN, the candidate spelled out what he did for the group and when he did it. He said his work for ACORN more than a decade ago was to help implement the motor-voter law in Illinois. And his partner in that endeavor was the U.S. Justice Department.

He said ACORN did not advise his campaign, and explained how voter-registration organizations sometimes are burned by the people they hire. He also noted the considerable difference between registering and voting.

As in previous controversies that threatened to undermine him, Obama’s response appears reasonable and candid. Innuendo doesn’t stand a chance against it.

At last, a shred of decency

Faced with an angry crowd whipped up by his own campaign, Sen. McCain showed some decency today. He told supporters who have decided Sen. Obama is a lying terrorist that they were wrong, that they had nothing to fear from an Obama presidency.

McCain’s conscience may be bothering him, or his campaign has checked the polls and decided that their incite-the-mob tactics aren’t working.

Either way, McCain had the courage to do the right thing, letting his supporters know they needed to show Obama respect. 

Let’s hope he instructs his running mate and his campaign operatives to follow suit.

Crisis grows, McCain shrinks

As the world economic crisis reaches epic proportions, the McCain campaign’s smear tactics look more and more petty. Why are they standing around, slinging mud, while the house is burning down?

Race and the race

Sen. Obama can defuse the racial tensions that are simmering in the campaign by reminding voters of the multiracial nature of his blood, his background and his message.

He is a black man, a son of Africa, but also a son of the white American heartland.

He is capable of bridging the divide because he is rooted in two cultures. He reaches beyond race. 

He speaks to younger generations who are increasingly multiracial themselves, citizens of an increasingly multicultural nation. For them, racial fear and division is hardly an issue. He embodies what has come before him and what we can become.

He is the salt of the new American earth.

He is a born leader, and he is one of us. This is his time, and it is our time.

McCain’s third ‘Hail Mary’

Sen. McCain’s first “Hail Mary” pass in the presidential campaign was to pick Gov. Palin as his running mate. It worked for a while, until the public got to know exactly who would be a “heartbeat away.”

The second was McCain’s charge to Washington to rescue the economy. We know how that worked out.

Now, desperately trying to save his faltering campaign, McCain is trying a third Hail Mary: resorting to personal smears against his opponent.

He is using Palin to revive some weak claims that his opponent hobnobs with “terrorists” – the former radical WIlliam Ayers. The McCain campaign is also refocusing on Obama’s association with the fire-breathing pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Both charges have been thoroughly aired earlier in this election season and the public has made up its mind. But McCain is trying it anyway – another desperate and impulsive move that will backfire quite quickly. Two can play at that game, and the Obama campaign is wise to punch back with a little “guilt by association” of their own. 

McCain’s involvement with convicted financial scammer Charles Keating is one that has particular resonance as the economy crumbles. It raises questions, too, about top McCain advisor Sen. Phil Gramm’s role in today’s financial meltdown.

The latest Hail Mary wasn’t even well executed. The campaign announced that it was going negative, and timed the new offensive to begin just before a key presidential debate when such personal attacks were effectively off limits. The McCain campaign is flailing, and it’s showing in the polls.