Credit crunch

When the State of California can’t get credit, what chance do the rest of us have?



Sen. Biden will find out tonight what a barracuda bite feels like. Taking a page from her running mate’s playbook, Gov. Palin will attack with a smile.

But it doesn’t matter who “wins” tonight. Bigger issues will decide the election. This debate is a sideshow.

Economic triage

What’s in a name? “Wall Street bailout” didn’t sell. “Financial rescue” has a better chance. More accurately, call it economic triage. The economy will remain in critical condition for a long time.


Should the election come down to Florida again, consider this: As of 2004, 1,179,687 people were barred from voting as felons. That’s 9.1 percent of the state’s estimated voter population, according to

McCain as minder

Gov. Palin was back opposite Katie Couric last night, but with a difference. Daddy, I mean Sen. McCain, was at her side.

McCain was there to shield his running mate from trouble. At one point (1:20 on the video) he answered a question posed directly to Palin before she could respond. 

It would have been a moment for Couric to say, “Let her answer.” Regrettably, she did not.

Time to lead

If Obama is to be the leader of the country, why not start now? He alone can set the ship right in Washington.

In other news . . .

Small arms fire killed an American soldier on patrol in Baghdad – the 4,175th U.S. servicemember to fall in the Iraq war. And a new round of bombing carnage is undermining the so-called success of the so-called surge.

We’re all staring goggle-eyed at the economy right now, but the wars rage on. The election could still turn on foreign policy.